Cabinet Installer in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego

In need of Cabinet Installer in Lakeside, CA? Unstoppable Handyman can handle help you through the process…

Assembling cabinets can sometimes be easy. However, when you try to take on something a little more intermediate, such as an entire wall unit, the project can become overwhelming if you are not prepared.

Being a cabinet installer in Lakeside, CA, I know what it takes to get various cabinet projects  done. More often than not, having at least one other person to help with assembly can make things go much more smoothly. Especially, when assembling and installing larger cabinet units.

Knowing your limits, having a helper, and being prepared are the 3 most important things when it comes to installing cabinets. Below are supplies and tools you will need to complete the task on hand.

Cabinet Installer Supplies:

1. Drill (use a hand-held electric screwdriver to eliminate stripping)

2. Hammer

3. Flathead  and Philips screwdriver

4. Level and a Stud finder

5. A person to help you if needed

Take your time to ensure installation of components are correct, proper installation of components now makes for a breezy installation down the line. Some instruction manuals are confusing and can have you staring at them for while. An important thing to remember… always make sure before you start assembling, open all the boxes and make sure all the parts are there.

Below is a general guideline to help you stay on track.

Cabinet Installer Quick Step Guide

A.  Start with one box at a time. Open all boxes and ensure all parts are there.

B. Lay out all parts by size and shape.

C. I will follow instructions to ensure proper installation of components

D. Start assembling according to manufacturers specifications.

Cabinet Installer Cautions, Tips, and Advice

As long as you take your time and do inventory of parts, assembling and installing any type of pre-made furniture should be an easy task. Also be sure to have help when necessary to expedite installation and to avoid injury. Follow the instructions and use the proper tools to avoid difficulty and if all else fails give us a call and we will take over your cabinet installation in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego.

Cabinet Installer in Lakeside, CA and Greater San Diego