Innovative Tool Storage Ideas: Keep Them Where You Need Them

Innovative tool storage ideas can be a huge improvement in efficiency. I know all to well the importance of having your tools handy when needed being a . For me I don’t want to spend my time constantly looking for my tape measure as I am sure you don’t either. So I want to share 3 pretty cool ideas with you that are sure to save you space and time, in most cases time equates to money.

Innovative Tool Storage Ideas #1: Skinny Item Holder

I don’t know about you but I can’t find a good place to keep my pencils and stir sticks.With this Idea here you will be to keep them where you need them. I am not sure what to call it but I guess we will call it skinny item holder for now. This is what you do to make it: Choose either 1 1/2 , 2, or 3″ Pvc pipe and cut it in desired length with a 45 degree cut on one end, preferably a little shorter than the item you will insert in there. They make a great addition to your workbench by attaching them to a mounting board by drilling a pilot hole in the pipe and attaching it to the board. You can use this for alot of items such as: pencils, paint brushes, Stir sticks, and so many other things. The cool thing is you can customize it to your specifications. With these innovative storage ideas you will keep them where you need them, your tools that is.

Innovative Tool Storage Ideas # 2: Ladder Pouch

If you use a ladder at all for work or around the home I am sure you are aware of the inconvenience it is to go up and down the ladder because you forgot a tool or measuring device. Here is another one of these awesome innovative tool storage ideas called the ladder pouch. This is how you put it to work: Grab your self an old tool belt or purchase one that suits your liking just to fit on the front of the ladder if using an old tool belt use the side that hold a hammer. Next I use a couple 1/4 ” x 1″ bolt with a nut and washer on both sides of the pouch and ladder, of course you first have to pre-drill a hole for them. Attach and secure with the bolts and tighten snug and you now have a ladder pouch. I love these innovative tool storage ideas.

Innovative Tool Storage Ideas # 3: Junction Box Tool and Gadget Holders

This by far has to be one my ultimate favorite innovative tool storage ideas. The junction box tool and gadget holders are just the thing to keep them where you need them. These thing come in many sizes and shapes so there is pretty much no end to the organization capability with these and they are probably the easiest of the three to implement. I use an outlet box to hold my tape measure and a double gang box to hold my spray cans also I use quite a bit of outlet boxes mounted different ways to put oddly shaped items inside.

Innovative Tool Storage Ideas: In Closing

These innovative tool storage ideas are meant to keep them where you need them, your tools that is. These ideas save me time as well as space I am sure most people could use a little more space in their shop or garage. I hope you can implement these innovative tool storage ideas in your shop or garage so you too can keep them where you need them.

Innovative Tool Storage Ideas: Keep Them Where You Need Them