My Experience with as a Handyman Startup

What is Thumbtack you ask? Well if you operate a local service business it may be your savior in slow times, below I will share my experience with

You can view the listing for my business, Unstoppable Handyman Services, on Thumbtack by clicking here.

It simply is a directory of businesses, typically local service type establishments, where you have the opportunity to gain social proof.

You also have the opportunity to purchase targeted leads that are seeking what you have to offer in real time.

Below I will share my experience with so far, about 7 days after implementing the directory service.

My Experience with 7 Days into Implementing the Online Service

My experience with so far on day 7 of starting my profile is nothing but positive. By answering the leads I want I have already been on two paying jobs.

I have put out multiple quotes each day and most of them were viewed. My profile as of now only has 1 review and before that I had none but still got work from someone.

So that goes to show the more testimonials you have the better. Also the more credentials you can provide is a major plus.

I think this is awesome you just pay for the quote you send out to the lead which is like a buck and a half.

As a business owner finding low cost lead sources are a godsend.

I recommend any and everyone who is either in business or looking for a service provider to try

Also my experience with will probably be different than yours at least at the beginning.

My Experience with as a Handyman Startup