Re-Hanging Screen Doors

A frequently used screen or porch door can easily develop an opening/closing problem often due to a loose hinge, too much paint, or the jambs may have sagged out of square.

If the jamb’s off, you can plane down the door where it’s hitting, but first, you may want to try putting on new hinges.

Check the gaps between the door and jambs.

A wide spot could indicate the hinge screws are coming loose and stripped screws need new holes.

Remove the door and hinges.

Fill the reamed holes with glue and wood dowels (golf tees work well).

Tap the dowel in and cut off the excess flush with the jamb.

Let the glue set a few hours and re-fasten the hinges.

Hang the door back on its hinges and test the door again.

If it still sticks, block plane the tight spot.

Re-Hanging Screen Doors