What is the Cost of Ceiling Fan Installation Services in San Diego?

Ceiling fan installation services in San Diego averages $110 labor if the new ceiling fan is replacing an existing ceiling fan and the customer supplies the new ceiling fan.

Below is a representation of a standard ceiling fan in a bedroom.

What Variables May Increase the Ceiling Fan Installation Services Cost?

On occasion, the mounting brace in the ceiling that the ceiling fan mounts may need to be upgraded. This typically increases installation costs by $35. The cost of the ceiling fan brace itself is approx. $15.

If your ceiling fan has lighting this may increase the install cost slightly.

If you need ceiling fan wired to a new light switch this will also increase the overall service cost. Anytime new electrical needs to be installed, we must provide an onsite evaluation first.

Tip: Be sure to have the bulbs you prefer ready when the technician arrives.

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